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  • X-Men Origins: Wolverine

    I just got done watching a bootlegged trailer of X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Although I’ve slammed the very concept of this movie in the past, I have to admit it looks rather promising. I’m especially looking forward to seeing Gambit ( as portrayed by Taylor Kitsch ) in this film. Check out the trailer while you […]

  • Wolverine: Get Mystique!

    If you have not been reading the Wolverine Get Mystique arc, then you are missing out. The premise is this: Wolverine has been ordered by Cyclops to hunt down and kill Mystique for her betrayal of the X-Men. Wolverine is happy to comply, and the chase is on. Mystique repeatedly gives Wolverine the slip just […]

  • Jason Aaron Sets Wolverine On A Quest For Revenge!

    In the aftermath of Messiah CompleX, Wolverine is set on a quest for vengeance—and he’s got some new friends to help him make it happen! In Wolverine #62, an X-Men: Divided We Stand tie-in, red-hot (and newly-Marvel Exclusive) author Jason Aaron (Scalped) and fan-favorite artist Ron Garney (Amazing Spider-Man) set Logan on a bezerker barrage […]

  • The All New, All Different X-Force Battle The Purifiers!

    In the wake of Messiah CompleX, the X-Men are no more, but some threats to mutantkind must be dealt with permanently by the new mutant strike force of Wolverine, X-23, Warpath and Wolfsbane! The hotly anticipated X-Force #1, from the acclaimed writing duo of Craig Kyle & Christopher Yost and rising star artist Clayton Crain, […]

  • The Death of Captain America: Get Over it!

    Everyone is abuzz over the Death of Captain America. Apparently he gets shot by a sniper in Captain America #25… but I didn’t read that for myself, it’s all over the news! On Wednesday Captain America #25 was released and it’s already selling out like crazy at various comic shops. My copy is tucked safely […]

  • Wizard World 2006 in photos part 2

    Way back in August of 2006 I posted part one of mine and Bill’s Wizard World Chicago photos. Then I failed miserably by promising a part two and never fulfilling that promise. Well, here’s part two… 6 months later. Enjoy! Thor, Batman with glasses and Captain America are my personal favorites.

  • Shipping List: January 3rd, 2007

    This week’s crazy long shipping list!

  • Marvel Comics Civil War Reading Order

    So you wanna read Civil War in it’s entirety? Here’s a helping hand in case you’re missing a few issues.

  • Marvel Zombies Visual Guide

    Marvel Zombies was good. It wasn’t quite as good as I would have hoped (didn’t care for the ending) but it was good fun (as anything involving Robert Kirkman is). I’m not so sure about this side stuff though… I haven’t read any of it. I do think it’s pretty cool that Marvel is tying […]

  • Civil War Showdown Pits Wolverine Against Sentry

    On his Civil War “Vendetta”, Wolverine has gone toe-to-toe with the man responsible for the Stamford disaster Nitro, an Atlantean Death-Squad, Namor the Sub-Mariner, and Damage Control. In Wolverine #47, things don’t get any easier for Logan as the man with the power of a thousand exploding suns, the Sentry, stands in his way. In […]