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  • Action Comics #865 The Terrible Toyman

    I know Geoff Johns must have written a bad comic at some point, but if he has I haven’t read it yet. This issue was excellent just like everything he’s ever written. Warning: there be spoilers in this review. Action Comics #865: The Terrible Toyman gives us a glimpse inside the Toyman’s psychotic mind as […]

  • Action Comics #858 Review

    Well this was an unexpected surprise: a comic book featuring the Legion of Super-Heroes that left me satisfied and wanting more. Action Comics #858, Superman and the Legion of Super-Heroes Part One features yet another tale about the Superman worshiping youths of the future, the Legion of Super-Heroes. These kids are all over the DC […]

  • Action Comics #847

    No sooner had I written about Superman deviating to lesser characters mid-way through a story arc, than I picked up and read Action Comics #847. Action comics has been a pretty solid title as of late thanks to the combo of Geoff Johns and Adam Kubert. Unfortunately these two greats have nothing to do with […]

  • Action Comics Annual #10

    48 Pages of Fluff

  • Justice Society of America #1

    The History of the Justice Society of America Way back in the Winter of 1940 the third issue of a comic book called All Star Comics was released. This comic book was published by All-American Publications who later merged with National Periodical Publications and became DC Comics. The book was meant to be a variety […]

  • Meet Bill at Wizard World Chicago!

    Will you be an Wizard World Chicago? Bill and I will!

  • Wednesday’s releases

    This weeks new releases, now with Vertigo and Wildstorm.