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  • It’s The Ultimate Smashfest—Hulk vs Iron Man!

    The Hulk is back, and he’s not happy! In Ultimate Human #2, the dream team of writer Warren Ellis and artist Cary Nord continue their sold-out Ultimate event, unveiling a dilemma even bigger then the grey goliath himself! After a failed attempt by Tony Stark and Bruce Banner to figure out how to turn off […]

  • The Sensational Spider-Man #41: One More Day part 3

    One More Day, at it’s roots is a simple story: Aunt May is on the verge of death, Peter Parker is trying to find a way to save her, but keeps running in to dead ends. The background behind One More Day is a bit more complicated. A War and a Bullet Months ago, there […]

  • Catain America, Civil War and Marvel Comics

    A recent comment reminded me of an article I wrote about the death of Captain America. I invited the general public to get over it. It seemed the day Captain America #25 was released the media couldn’t keep from talking about it. Some fans of Captain America went in to a depression, some lashed out […]

  • World War Hulk Front Line #1 Review

    During the Civil War event earlier this year I was pretty bored. I was just getting in to Marvel and decided to read the entire event… every single tie-in. That was a mistake. Most of the tie-ins were poorly written… an attempt to ride the coat tails of Civil War’s great promotional success. Out of […]

  • The Initiative: The Mighty Avengers 1 + 2

    After the events of Marvel’s Civil War, Tony Stark was appointed as director of S.H.I.E.L.D. and the Initiative was implemented, meaning that each state has a super hero group assigned to protect it. Although I was extremely bored with Civil War, I’m really enjoying most of the Initiative titles. The Mighty Avengers, however is not […]

  • Spider-Man Back in Black

    Spider-Man has been going through a lot of crap lately. First, he becomes Tony Stark’s personal whore and switches to a super high-tech, poorly designed (aesthetically speaking) costume. He supports the Registration Act because his daddy figure, Stark, supports it. Then he’s coaxed in to revealing his true identity by Stark on national T.V. Then […]

  • Iron Man #17

    Wow… maybe I should have been giving Marvel a chance.

  • Civil War Tie-Ins Go Back to Press with New Variant Covers

    Marvel is going back to press with all Civil War tie-ins.

  • Garney Signs Exclusive and Spidey Faces a War at Home

    After the horrific events of Stamford, CT in the pages of Civil War #1, Spider-Man rushes to aid the victims of the tragedy alongside many of Marvel’s heroes in Amazing Spider-Man #532.

  • Marvel Comics and Top Cow Productions join forces to rule the world!

    Its true: industry leader Marvel Comics is joining with Top Cow, producers of CYBERFORCE, RISING STARS, TOMB RAIDER, and WITCHBLADE, in a joint publishing arrangement that is guaranteed to knock the socks off comics fans the world over.