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  • X-Men Origins: Wolverine

    I just got done watching a bootlegged trailer of X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Although I’ve slammed the very concept of this movie in the past, I have to admit it looks rather promising. I’m especially looking forward to seeing Gambit ( as portrayed by Taylor Kitsch ) in this film. Check out the trailer while you […]

  • The Dark Knight on Blu-Ray

    I bought a brand new Blu-Ray player and The Dark Knight a couple days ago. I’m slightly disappointed. There are very few special features. The IMAX scenes look amazing, but they just make the standard HD scenes much more obvious that they aren’t filling up my 16:9 aspect ratio television. The constant shifting between aspect […]

  • Johnny Depp as the Riddler? No Thanks

    I have the utmost faith in Christopher Nolan’s abilities. When I first saw the trailer for Batman Begins, I had no desire to head to the theatre. In fact, I waited for the DVD and was completely blown away. I kicked myself a few times for missing it’s theatrical release and hoped for a sequel. […]

  • Heath Ledger Found Dead

    So, everyone is freaking out right now about the death of 28 year old actor Heath Ledger. I am rather upset by this news. He was a very good actor. Thus far the police suspect drug overdose (accidental or not they have not said). This touches somewhat close to home for me being that I’m […]

  • Jason Aaron Sets Wolverine On A Quest For Revenge!

    In the aftermath of Messiah CompleX, Wolverine is set on a quest for vengeance—and he’s got some new friends to help him make it happen! In Wolverine #62, an X-Men: Divided We Stand tie-in, red-hot (and newly-Marvel Exclusive) author Jason Aaron (Scalped) and fan-favorite artist Ron Garney (Amazing Spider-Man) set Logan on a bezerker barrage […]

  • 30 Days of Night

    Years ago I saw this graphic novel at the comic book shop. I flipped through it a few times, but never did read it. The title, 30 Days of Night, and the image on the cover kept drawing me to it, but I just couldn’t find enough gumption to actually purchase it. Now it’s been […]

  • Walking Dead #40 Review

    Although I might not write about every single issue of the Walking Dead, I sing Robert Kirkman’s praises on a constant basis. I tell all my comic book buddies to read the Walking Dead (if they don’t already). I tell my wife to read Walking Dead and she has barely even touched a comic book, […]

  • The Scritch-Scratch of Busy Little Hands

    I just watched an awesome animated short called “The Scritch-Scratch of Busy Little Hands” on YouTube. As is usual with an animated short, this one doesn’t have much of a story line, but the animation is wonderful. It really reminds me of Charles Addams mixed with David Firth mixed with Edward Gorey. Pretty cool stuff. […]

  • Gordon to Become Commissioner in The Dark Knight?

    I just received information about a new scene for The Dark Knight movie (sequel to Batman Begins). The scene is being filmed here in Chicago and involves a “Cop Funeral”. One can only assume we will see the death of the current commissioner, which means Gordon will most likely be rising to that position. Very […]

  • Iron Man Teaser (Bootlegged at ComiCon) Video

    The Iron Man movie will most likely suck like most of the other Marvel movies… but this teaser still manages to make me want to watch it. The suit looks awesome and Stark’s attitude seems dead on. In fact, it appears that Marvel hasn’t strayed too far from Iron Man’s origin, which is always a […]