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  • Avoid DC Comics Countdown if You Know What’s Good for You!

    At some point in time during one of my posts I lamented the fact that I failed to write about each issue of 52. It was a great series and I was sad to see it go. At that time I had grand plans to write about each and every issue of Countdown… then I […]

  • The Initiative: The Mighty Avengers 1 + 2

    After the events of Marvel’s Civil War, Tony Stark was appointed as director of S.H.I.E.L.D. and the Initiative was implemented, meaning that each state has a super hero group assigned to protect it. Although I was extremely bored with Civil War, I’m really enjoying most of the Initiative titles. The Mighty Avengers, however is not […]

  • Punisher War Journal

    Punisher War Journal is hands down one of my favorite comic books. Frank Castle (AKA The Punisher) is a sociopath and this comic does an excellent job showcasing his insanity. Of course you might call that insanity a mere skewed sense of justice… but when that skewed sense involves killing bad guys, that crosses the […]

  • Mary Jane Comiquette Statue… good god!

    The interwebs are all abuzz about the Mary Jane Comiquette statue. I don’t know what the big deal is though. Marvel is obviously just trying to outdo the DC Supergirl statue. At least Mary Jane is of legal age… Supergirl is SIXTEEN… let’s not forget that. Oh, what’s that you say? She’s actually older than […]

  • Avengers: The Initiative #1 and #2

    I really didn’t plan on reading any of the initiative titles beyond Initiative #1 (which is an introduction in to several tie-ins)… but the guys at the comic shop misunderstood my request and ended up pulling each and every Initiative comic. I had fully planned on canceling these and complaining, but I got lazy and […]

  • Iron Man #17

    Wow… maybe I should have been giving Marvel a chance.

  • First Iron Man Image… Marvel is not Web Savvy

    So the first Iron Man image has been released by Marvel on the internet. The hilarious thing is Marvel’s piss poor attempt at creating buzz around the image. Their news post screams “Look, we just learned how to use the interwebs for fun and profit!”. Case in point: Marvel claims that the image in question […]

  • World War 3 in Review

    World War III has come and gone, and in it’s wake lies a pool of disappointment.

  • World War III Book Four: United We Stand

    Check out a summary of Book One, Book Two and Book Three.Lookout below for spoilers. Black Adam is finally taken down by the Justice Society and the rest of the heroes from America all upon China’s soil. This is pretty much just an extended battle scene from the pages of 52 #50. We do gain […]

  • 52 #50 World War 3

    World War III Begins Here!