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  • Detective Comics #828

    When I was a kid I watched lots of cartoons, Tom and Jerry being one of them. As most people know, Tom is a cat, Jerry a mouse, and they hate each other just like cats and mice in real life do. And just like real life, they would light each other on fire, smash […]

  • Batman and the Mad Monk #6

    Matt Wagner is amazing. He’s an awesome writer and illustrator. I love the way he depicts Batman. In fact, I love Matt Wagner. Not in an admiring, fan-boy way, but in a creepy, wear-your-skin-like-a-mask, stalker way. I want him to be my second wife. Ok that’s taking a bit too far I guess… maybe (depending […]

  • Wizard World 2006 in photos part 2

    Way back in August of 2006 I posted part one of mine and Bill’s Wizard World Chicago photos. Then I failed miserably by promising a part two and never fulfilling that promise. Well, here’s part two… 6 months later. Enjoy! Thor, Batman with glasses and Captain America are my personal favorites.

  • Poll: did Batman #663 suck?

    Update: I’m an idiot. Throughout this post I referred to Batman #663 as Batman #633. The errors have been corrected. I recently gave Batman #663 a piece of my mind. Some people share my viewpoint, while other do not. This prompted me to create a poll to get your brief sentiments. If you have more […]

  • Batman #663 Sucks REALLY badly!

    Who’s idea was this? Seriously… who?? I want to know who I’m supposed to hate!

  • Newsarama’s Didio Interview

    Newsarama posted an interview with Dan Didio last Friday about the strange DC teaser image that has so many people talking. It’s definitely a symbolic piece of art (which was obvious before being confirmed) and has many clues scattered within. The only real information that Dido gives out is that the picture reflects events yet […]

  • Tales of the Unexpected #4

    this has been a really fun series to read. Seeing the Spectre hand out his own unique brand of vicious justice to the worst of the worst makes you wonder if Batman and the rest are going about their jobs in the wrong way… and that’s why I loved issue #4. Batman makes an appearance […]

  • Justice Society of America #1

    The History of the Justice Society of America Way back in the Winter of 1940 the third issue of a comic book called All Star Comics was released. This comic book was published by All-American Publications who later merged with National Periodical Publications and became DC Comics. The book was meant to be a variety […]

  • Green Arrow #70

    Well that was a short read, even for a Green Arrow, but fun regardless. I really enjoy the quick dry wit that Judd Winick brings to the series, and although I’m not a huge fan of Scott McDaniel and Andy Owen’s cartoon-like art, it’s a good match for Winick. I’m a little annoyed over the […]

  • Detective Comics #826: Excellent Issue

    I didn’t plan on writing about Detective Comics #826, one because it came out a couple months ago, and two because I’ve done nothing but crap on Batman lately and figured that’s what I would be doing here as well. After reading the issue, I couldn’t help but write a quick review. This was a […]