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  • Batmobile Sighting in Chicago (The Dark Knight set)

    It’s no secret that The Dark Knight has been filming in chicago, I posted some photos of the Gotham National Bank a couple of months ago. Today I found out that the Batmobile was in town, so I grabbed a camera and headed to Randolph and Wells and there it was. Check out the photos […]

  • Batman #665

    Grant Morrison and Andy Kubert were made for each other. Although I wasn’t particularly thrilled with some of the story developments, I’m now over the whole “Batman has a kid” shock, and have moved past Bruce Wayne’s adoption of Tim. Issue #665, The Black Casebook, is setting up for what seems to be a very […]

  • What the?! All Star Batman and Robin is Still Around?

    I don’t usually like reviewing a comic that’s been out for several weeks. I feel like I’m late to the party… as though I’ve delayed my article for so long that people just won’t care when it finally does show up. All Star Batman and Robin #5 doesn’t count though. I feel totally justified in […]

  • Batman: Return of the Dark Knight on Youtube

    A few days ago I received a comment from Kourosh Rahimpour, the genius behind Batman Defenders of the Night and it’s sequel, Batman and Robin: Dark Betrayal. It turns out that Kourosh Rahimpur (Batman) and Arvin Tounian (Robin) have teamed up once more for a third installment entitled Batman: Return of the Dark Knight. Bruce […]

  • Batman: The Dark Knight Currently Filming in Chicago

    I just got word that Batman: The Dark Knight, a sequel to Batman Begins, is currently filming some scenes in Chicago. As I type this I am stuck at work, but I have someone at the scene checking things out. He claims to have snapped a few photos with his phone and a couple digital […]

  • World War III is here!

    The end of 52 is in sight. The start of World War 3 is here!

  • All-Star Superman #7

    One word… Zibbaro!

  • Detective Comics #831

    I wasn’t all that impressed with this issue. It featured Harley Quinn who is stuck in Arkham Asylum and is up for a hearing. The vote comes down to Bruce Wayne who turns her down. On the way back to her cell, the guard breaks Harley out of prison. It turns out the guard is […]

  • The Fate of Supergirl

    We’re all sick of Supergirl. DC knows this… now what do they plan on doing about it?

  • Batman vs. Picketers: Batman Arrested!

    This has got to be one of the greatest videos I’ve seen in a while. On Friday, a Batman impersonator was involved in a tiff with some picketers: they wouldn’t let him use their porta-potty. Batman ripped off his cape and threw it to the ground while yelling at the picketers. Batman even had a […]