The Dark Knight on Blu-Ray

I bought a brand new Blu-Ray player and The Dark Knight a couple days ago.

I’m slightly disappointed. There are very few special features. The IMAX scenes look amazing, but they just make the standard HD scenes much more obvious that they aren’t filling up my 16:9 aspect ratio television. The constant shifting between aspect ratios was just a little too distracting for my liking.

It’s still an amazing movie though. If you haven’t seen it for some reason, you should stop being an idiot and watch it.

Also: turns out I’m not dead. I just haven’t had the urge to write for quite a while.

2 responses to “The Dark Knight on Blu-Ray”

  1. I felt the same way. For such a big movie, I’m shocked they didn’t toss more extra features into the second disc.

    Regardless, it’s a wicked movie and I’m definitely happy I picked it up.

    Nice to see you back Joe!

  2. Mike:
    I’m pretty sure another version of TDK Blu-Ray (and DVD) will be released to further capitalize on the success of the movie.

    Glad to be back… new posts coming later tonight.

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