Wolverine: Get Mystique!

If you have not been reading the Wolverine Get Mystique arc, then you are missing out.

The premise is this: Wolverine has been ordered by Cyclops to hunt down and kill Mystique for her betrayal of the X-Men. Wolverine is happy to comply, and the chase is on. Mystique repeatedly gives Wolverine the slip just as he is about to kill her.
The story is split between the modern day, as well as bits of Wolverine’s past (as usual). The past sequences are pretty cool as the involve lots of interaction between Logan and Mystique.

Like many other X-Men fans, I am pretty fed up with the Wolverine worship. While I agree that he’s a pretty cool character, and I even admit that at one time he was my favorite of the X-Men, I really would like to see Marvel stop over using him.
But despite all that, this current arc is really fun and interesting, and is leading up to what will almost surely be Mystique’s demise.

The dialogue is well done, and the art is easy on the eyes. I recommend this arc, even if you’re a bit on the bored side with Wolverine.

Get Mystique spans Wolverine issues #62 – #65. The final part of the series was released on the 14th of May.

Update (with spoilers)

I was slightly disappointed with the final issue of this arc (issue #65). Wolverine hunted Mystique down for days only to stab her and leave her for dead in the desert. I am sick of reading stories in which characters die only to be magically (literally or figuratively) revived, writer Jason Aaron managed to avoid this problem. Unfortunately he did so in a very clunky manner. Wolverine simply would not have left without thoroughly finishing the job.
At any rate, I still enjoyed this arc and would recommend picking up the trade when it’s released.

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