Supergirl #22 Mini Review

Supergirl #22 has been sitting on my desk for weeks now. Every time I picked it up, I would end up setting it down again without even glancing inside. I was dreading it.

This is the second part of a two part series entitled Reunion, and both issues are tie-ins to the worst series in DC Comics history, Countdown. This alone was enough to turn me off. To make matters worse, the cover features the most overused character DC has to offer lately, Karate Kid.
I’m not sure why DC thinks that the Legion of Super Heroes are suddenly popular. Perhaps someone out there actually likes them, but if you ask me they’re conceptually dull and not worth reading about. Actually so is Supergirl. I was worried that Combining the two would make for a very boring story… and I was right.

In Supergirl #21 Karate Kid and Una had to fight an incredibly lame villain named Equus. He looks like Doomsday… if Doomsday had been a character on Back to the Future 2. The stupid outdated sunglasses, dumb looking headphones and ridiculous lines he speaks remind me of every 80’s cartoon I ever watched as a kid.
His powers are stupid too… he shoots hardening Nickelodeon-like slime from a metal plate on his chest!
This character was so stupid that I could barely focus my hate on any other part of the comic. Apparently he made his first appearance years ago in Superman #206. I don’t really care that Superman #206 was done by Jim Lee, Equus looked just as stupid back then.

After reading this terrible issue as fast as possible, I shut the comic and looked at the cover.
It was then that I realized DC had completely lied about the contents of this issue.
The cover plainly says “Supergirl vs. Karate Kids?!” and shows the Girl of Steel being choked by one Karate Kid, while punching out another.
In reality Supergirl never battles Karate Kid… let alone two of ’em! Thanks for the false advertising, DC.

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