The Immortal Iron Fist #8

I’ve been rather disconcerted with comic books as of late. I think my tastes are changing yet again. Either that or most books are just pretty boring right now. I haven’t really felt the urge to write. And then I read Iron Fist #8.
Where has this book been all my life?

A couple of weeks ago I picked up my latest shipment of comics at Graham Crackers Comics. Usually I take a few minutes to paw through the stack and make sure nothing had snuck in to my box, but this time I was in a rush and didn’t bother checking. Later when I got home I took a look at my new comics. To my dismay Iron Fist #8 had managed to sneak in to my pile. I was none too happy about this. I know nothing about Iron Fist, I didn’t feel like finding out about the Iron Fist, and quite honestly the cover sucks. I put it away for a while and went about my business.

Immortal Iron Fist #8 preview

Yesterday I finally picked it up, assuming I’d be writing a scathing review. To my surprise I found that Ed Brubaker and Matt Fraction were the writers. This changed my perspective instantly. I was suddenly looking forward to reading this comic, and it turns out I was not disappointed.
Not only is the writing superb, the art is beautiful. David Aja has put together a really beautiful book and rocketed to the top of my Favorite Illustrators list. He is now among the greats such as Tony Moore and Cliff Rathburn. I actually paused several times throughout the comic to take a closer look at his illustrations.

I have decided to go back and read The Immortal Iron Fist issues 1 – 7 and will be adding this title to my list on Wednesday. Thank goodness the guys at the comic shop screwed up and stuck this comic in my box!

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