Supergirl #20 No Good Deed…

No more Joe Kelly obviously doesn’t mean no more bad story lines. Supergirl #20 is just as disjointed as any other issue of Supergirl. This is due to the entire issue being an Amazons Attack tie-in. Quite honestly I’m getting sick of all these random tie-ins. Both Superman and Action Comics have been stuffing Countdown crossovers down our throats, as are a number of other DC comics.

This issue picks up where some other issue of Amazons Attack left off so if you’re like me with absolutely no interest in Amazonian women fighting the earth’s populace, it’s immediately boring.

Tony Bedard did a fairly decent job with the bad material he had to work with. The dialogue wasn’t horrible and Supergirl was a more believable super-heroine. That said, I guess Kara figuring life out in a jumbled up way will continue to be a running theme… wonderful.
Making the first issue since Joe Kelly’s end a confusing crossover was very disappointing. It makes me feel like DC still has no clear direction in which to take the Supergirl character.

The other matter in question here is the art. Renato Guedes was able to draw a more realistic looking Supergirl. The longer skirt, boy shorts, and slightly heavier (aka normal) weight looks much better.
I know a lot of people are happy about this transition, and I agree that it’s a step in the right direction, however Supergirl still doesn’t look her age. She’s supposed to be 16, and I honestly think she looks older than that. I really can’t complain too much however since she doesn’t look as if she just stepped out of a club anymore.

So what’s the final verdict? Has Supergirl improved since Joe Kelly left? We’ll have to wait and see. Although the dialogue is better and the art has improved, I can’t really judge it completely since issues 20 – 22 are crossovers. As far as issue #20 is concerned, I am indifferent and bored.
But that’s just one opinion. Some people “totally luffed” it.

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  1. I like the new look, its good that she’s setting a healthy body type example for girls, though I do have to wonder why a super strong Kryptonian would look like your average teen and I have to admit I will miss the more toned athletic Supergirl. Surely there’s a medium between average and anorexic, don’t see why it needs to be 1 extreme or another…

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