Dark Knight Set Photos: Gotham PD Car and Burned out Helicopter

I took a stroll over to the set of the upcoming Batman Begins sequel, the Dark Knight again today. A while back I managed to take some pictures of parked Gotham City police cars, swat vehicles and bomb squad trucks.
Today I was able to get a high quality photo of the Gotham Police Department seal, as well as a license plate… very cool!
The cars were parked off site of the set in a parking lot.

I also took some shots of a helicopter (I’m assuming GPD helicopter) that’s been destroyed by an apparent bomb or perhaps rocket launcher.

Enjoy the photos!


Illinois license plate

Notice the similarities of the Gotham PD license plate to an Illinois license plate (as was pointed out by alex in the following comments)… very interesting. Keep in mind, The Dark Knight is being filmed in Chicago.

Also of interest is that the Chicago PD license plates look nothing like civilian license plates.

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  1. Interesting. Why is the “City of Gotham” issuing license plates; shouldn’t the state do that? What state is Gotham in? Is it even in the US?

    Inquiring minds want to know.

  2. I’m not sure what the Jersey theory is… I’m assuming people think Gotham is part of Jersey? I’m pretty sure it’s never been said what state Gotham is in and no one really bothers demanding to know because… you know, it’s a fake city and all.

    Pretty funny seeing a license plate close up though… I doubt the producers ever intended anyone to see it at that level of detail.

  3. gotham city is presumed to be the major city in the pretense gotham state; check out the “state” flag in the 1989 Batman movie…it is actually the indiana state flag with the words “state of gotham” on it. i only know this because I am an indiana native…and there’s no way gotham city would be in indiana…unless it’s on the north side, by chicago…oddly enough, the gotham plates resemble the illinois state license plates. anyone remember the scene in batman begins when bruce wayne pulls up in the lambo at the hotel with the broads? from far away, its safe to assume that gotham city is in illinois…or at least bruce waynes car is registered to that state.

    i guess it makes the movies more identifiable for those in the midwest.

  4. It is true that the Illinois plates look like the police plate shown, but its also true that the Illinois police plates don’t look like that…but, yeah it definitely is very similar.

  5. Yeah I saw that they closed down La Salle street for pretty much the whole day. There must have been a thousand Gotham Police marching down La Salle street. They had cops on horses and cops playing bag pipes. Very thorough filming. This movie will be huge.


  7. Gotham City Is in New Jersey as of Post-Crisis. Seen Here: http://www.sparehed.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/01/newengland.jpg Is an image from the DC RPG, It has also been mentioned as there in a few comics. It replaces Ocean City essentially, Lying on Three Large Islands off of Cape May County.

    However the reason you see a lot of Chicago traits in Gotham is because Gotham City is inspired by The seedier side of New York and Chicago combined, with the newer buildings and higher class life influenced by Seattle. Similar to how Modern Metropolis is commonly designed to feel like the clean side of New York combined with the super chic look of cities like Tokyo and Hong Kong, with a dabble of Berlin, London, and other olden influences to it.

  8. Just to add to my earlier statement the reason they did this multiple influences is so that both Gotham and Metropolis would appeal to everyone in the US. Same goes for other major DC cities such as Star City (home of the Green Arrow and it’s near San Francisco), Or Central City (Home of the Flash, Originally in Ohio, Post-Crisis version is in Missouri.). The thing with DCU is that the real world cities exit too. theres chicago, and NYC, and SanFran.

    ANd last there is some cities that still move based on writer and particular storyline. for example Smallville regularly appears either in the hills of Delaware near Metropolis, or some in Kanses.

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