Batmobile Sighting in Chicago (The Dark Knight set)

It’s no secret that The Dark Knight has been filming in chicago, I posted some photos of the Gotham National Bank a couple of months ago. Today I found out that the Batmobile was in town, so I grabbed a camera and headed to Randolph and Wells and there it was. Check out the photos below (click for larger images).

Update: I seriously need to stop calling this movie “Batman Dark Knight Returns” when it’s clearly called “The Dark Knight”. My apologies to anyone who bothers to read my blog!

Update 2: Thanks to Bobby McPresscott’s zealous plea for correction, I have adjusted my mistake once again. The movie is called The Dark Knight.

Batmobile 2
Batmobile 3
Batmobile 4
Batmobile 5
Batmobile 6
Batmobile 7
Batmobile 8
Batmobile 9

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  1. Well, it’s not clearly called Batman The Dark Knight. It is called The Dark Knight, and using Batman in the name will make people hate you very quickly.

    The entire style of the movie reflects the name, as the movie is not about a superhero named Batman saving Gotham. It is about a new age “Dark Knight” who happens to be called Batman protecting Gotham from evil. Aside from the storyline implications of the name being safeguarded by all fans, everytime someone calls it Batman The Dark Knight it increases the likelihood WB will force Nolan to cave put Batman in the title, thus raping his creative vision.

    So please, call it “The Dark Knight”. That’s the actual name.

  2. The movie will no doubt be ruined if it has “Batman” in the name. No way will I see it if they absolutely destroy the movie’s integrity by including “Batman” in the name. I cannot believe the gall of Hollywood movie execs who so carelessly disregard the sanctity of yet another man-in-tights fantasy.

  3. Yeah, right on guys!! And I hope the next superman movie stays away from being called superman too! They should call it “Guy Who Flies”.

  4. What was the last one called? Oh yeah, BATMAN BEGINS! Seems it did pretty well, amirite.


  5. @ Bobby McPresscott

    You’re a clown – who cares if Batman is in the title? It has nothing to do with creative vision, as Batman Begins was an unbelievable movie with a dark story that was told very well.

    Yes, the movie is called “The Dark Knight” but people don’t need to go off their rocker when someone throws Batman in the title (because this is INEVITABLE until the movie is released – no way around it).

    “Raping his creative vision” is hilarious to read seeing that you have no idea what Nolan’s intentions are but since we’re on the internet you feel it’s an open forum to sound smart.


    Why don’t we just call it


  6. oh my god! Bobby McPresscott you’re ACTUALLY the comicbook guy from simpsons. man, i’m laughing out loud actually.

  7. Shouldn’t “batman” have a new car by now? If I were a millionaire, I’d get some new wheels – especially if I knew that I was about to be in a brand new movie.

  8. I heard that there’s gonna be another spidey movie called “Guy Who Was Bitten by a Spider And Now Can Climb Walls And Sling Webs to Nab Bad Guys”.

  9. So, Batm… {cue muffled screams} Ehem. Let me start again.

    What the heck is the Tumbler based on? Anyone know? Those front wheels are wild. I wonder how that thing really handles.

  10. I think Bobby is correct. Putting Batman in the title would just make it one more way it is similar to the shitty 90’s Batman flicks.

    Its called re-booting a franchise morons.

    New franchise… new films… new names.

  11. Every true Batman fan knows the caped crusader should always be portrayed by Adam West and the Batmobile should be designed by George Barris!

  12. damn …
    thats looks really kewl …
    may u cud have waited around a bit and then when no one watching … vavawarooom …
    any consequences would have been worth the ride …
    double damn …

  13. Dude, please. Don’t call it Freak Comics..It’s just a site about comics that hosts pics of the car of the guy who dresses like a bat and runs around gotham city takin down the villans in a rubber suit that happens to be called freak comics. Please don’t carelessly disregard the sanctity of yet another read-about-comics website.

  14. Bobby McPresscot, where were you last night? I laid out your Robin outfit all special. You and me was set to play “Dark Nights” weren’t we? Bobby, when will you stop raping my creative vision, in which I dress your fat smelly ass up in a Robin costume, and kiss your green scaly underpants?

    Seriously Bobby McPresscot, you have a stupid sounding name. You’re uninvited from my birthday party.

  15. Awesome! I missed the Tumbler on the streets, but I saw the crew floating in some kind of barge yesterday afternoon, which was clearly for the movie. Mental note: next time, bring a camera!

  16. I never expected to get linked back here, but I did so props on the new pics and the correction. I can get riled up but it’s always for a good cause. The apathy of good men is how the greatest action franchise of all time got turned into a PG-13 teenage money trap. Aside from the threat of Warner caving in to mass stupidity, that Batman The Dark Knight just sounds really annoying. Damn Al Roker.

    As for my obsession, well I am obsessive compulsive, and I really love my Batman. At the time I had no idea where I was posting, but now that I notice this is actually a comic blog. If anything you should be ashamed your comic love doesn’t come close to my love for Batman when I haven’t even read a comic since I was 10.

    But my superior fandom aside, keep up the good work with the pics. I’m waiting for Joker.

  17. You got pretty thrashed Bobby, but you have to admit, it’s pretty funny.

    As for my comic love not touching your Batman love… uh… yea I can’t even think of something funnier than that statement. Thank you for making me laugh.

    For what it’s worth, I too share a hatred of Al Roker and the first set of Batman movies.

  18. you all are like, little nerd people, IL CALL IT

    BATMAN THE DARK KNIGHT if i want to, and it might be better if you dont go see it becuaase it has the name batman in it, less nerd in the theature???

  19. I heard Batman uses the Bat Computer in this film so maybe they should call it “The Dork Knight” or maybe not…..! yeah i’ll shut up now and go away……….Sorry!

  20. riiight… because only dorks use computers these days.

    I didn’t hear about the Bat Computer being in this film. If that’s true, it might be lame.

  21. who give a fuck what the movie is called i can call even if it was called shatman the dork knight i would watch it to laugh my fucking ass off and this nerd shit with the computers then were all a bunch of fucking nerds then beacause we are all commenting on this shit come on its just a fucking movie and i bet the guys who made scary movie, meet the spartans, and the superhero movie already made fun of the fucking name of bat man the dark knight and no one complain about those movies i beleave they were laughing there fucking asses off + the dark knight can be anything from medevil films to fucking sci-fi films aka its just a fucking name its not like it will fuck up the film and another thing is people dont look at the name the watch the fucking previews if the movie is good or fucked up… so put that up your ass and smoke it.

  22. The Dark Knight is a good movie. It has all the ingredients to be a great movie, but it isn’t one. I may grudgingly put it on my best-ten-of-the year list (a paltry group at this point), but it could have been so much more. It came so close.

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