Mary Jane Comiquette Statue… good god!

The interwebs are all abuzz about the Mary Jane Comiquette statue. I don’t know what the big deal is though. Marvel is obviously just trying to outdo the DC Supergirl statue. At least Mary Jane is of legal age… Supergirl is SIXTEEN… let’s not forget that. Oh, what’s that you say? She’s actually older than 16 because she rode around in a space ship in stasis for a while before arriving on earth… so in reality it’s just her body that’s 16? Sounds like a pedophiles dream come true. Anyway…

Mary Jane washing Spider-Man's costume
Mary Jane sure does love washing Spidey’s clothes with Kleen brand detergent… oh the irony!

I really think that Marvel should release a follow up with Peter Parker sitting on a couch in his boxers and wife beater drinking a Busch Beer while eyeing MJ up and making a derogatory comment.

You can see more horrible images of this statue at, including a 360 degree quicktime view.

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