Batman: The Dark Knight Currently Filming in Chicago

I just got word that Batman: The Dark Knight, a sequel to Batman Begins, is currently filming some scenes in Chicago. As I type this I am stuck at work, but I have someone at the scene checking things out. He claims to have snapped a few photos with his phone and a couple digital pictures. I’ll be posting these later today.

It seems that the producers have turned the Post Office on Van Buren in to the Gotham Bank… and it’s currently being robbed (possibly by the Joker) with a School Bus which is backed up in to the “bank”.

I’m hoping to get more information throughout the day.

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  1. I was driving lower wacker on Mon 23 going to work at 8am and just past Frankin street bridge(northwest side of lower wacker) I saw the 4 covered Batmobiles up against the concrete wall next to the flow of traffic. They are covered in grey tarps taking the easily identifiable shape of the new batmobile. At first I saw no one around, then I noticed a car with a security guard about a hundred feet in front of them. Then later in the day when I drove back by I saw a Chicago Police Uniform Car parked next to them. Oh well.

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