Tales of the Unexpected #7

In this issue Crispus Allen is about to lose it even though he’s dead, and yet another tenant is linked to the murder of the slum lord who died 6 issues ago. This time it’s Nathan Munie. Munie happened upon the landlord who was chained up in the boiler room of the high rise.
At the end of the issue Munie attempts to commit suicide by hoping off the top of the apartment complex. Crispus finally gains mastery over the Spectre by forcing him to bond with Crispus in time to save the plummeting key to this murder mystery.
During this drama something interesting happens: Crispus Allen’s old partner recognizes his face although he is in his Spectre form. No telling how this will play out.

I’ve enjoyed this series from the beginning. I hope DC brings Tales of the Unexpected back, or at least considers a Spectre comic.

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