Powers & Kabuki Reprinted Free/Daily at Newsarama.Com

Newsarama.com and the comic book creators collectively known as “MOB” – David Mack, Mike Avon Oeming and Brian Michael Bendis – are pleased to jointly announce that Bendis and Oeming’s Eisner Award-winning creator-owned series POWERS and Mack’s creator-owned KABUKI, will both be reprinted in their entirety as daily, serial, FREE comic book strips on Newsarama.com. POWERS DAILY debuted on Monday, July 24th, KABUKI will follow in August.

Debuting in 1994 at Caliber Press, and later published at Image Comics, KABUKI is currently published at Marvel Comics’ ICON imprint. Earning Mack multiple award nominations over the years – including an Eisner nomination for Best Painter – the series is known for its innovative storytelling, painting techniques, and page design. Published in seven different languages, over a million copies of KABUKI comic books, trade paperbacks, and hardcover editions are in print in the U.S. alone.

Launched as a monthly Image series in 2000 and winner of the 2001 Eisner for Best New Series, the bestselling POWERS is also currently published by Marvel’s ICON. Nine trade paperback editions of the series along with a Powers: Scriptbook are available for sale at comic book shops and bookstores, and for order through online retailers.

Powers tells the story of two detectives – Christian Walker and Deena Pilgram – as they investigate superhero related murders.

Starting with Volume 1, page 1, each weekday a new POWERS DAILY page will appear at http://comics.newsarama.com/powers, and then stored in an easily accessible archive so fans can read the released pages as often as they like, or so new fans can start at the beginning of the groundbreaking series at any time.

“Powers has been around for six or seven years now and we’ve been blessed with great success,” said co-creator Mike Oeming. “There are enough issues and pages to do this daily indefinitely. With the comic and the power of the Internet at our hands, we are ready to share Powers with the world.”

“We’re honored Mike Oeming, Brian Bendis, and David Mack chose Newsarama to become the home of POWERS and KABUKI on the ‘net,” said Newsarama’s Matt Brady. “We’re not only fans of both series ourselves and excited to offer them free to our readers, but we think this is an innovative new initiative that gives readers the chance to try and enjoy new comics they might have previously overlooked free, and gives creators new, daily opportunities to promote sales of their titles.

“We think “MOB” have hit on something special here, and we expect that in the coming weeks and months we’ll be offering additional titles in similar formats, so we’ve created comics.newsarama.com for that reason.”

“We wanted to take Powers to Newsarama because we have a good relationship with them and they are clearly the premiere news publication for comics,” added Oeming. “It’s a good place to be and we know they can help get the word out about Powers Daily to both comics and mainstream media.”

POWERS DAILY Vol. 1, page 1 premiered Monday, July 24th at http://comics.newsarama.com/ powers and will be updated with a free new page every weekday. KABUKI DAILY will follow in the coming weeks. For more information about POWERS and KABUKI DAILY, email Newsarama at comics@newsarama.com.

For updates on all things POWERS, readers can subscribe to the Oeming Newsletter by sending an email to Oeming@aol.com, or visit P! Online. P! Online is the definitive POWERS fan site and includes a complete series chronology, cover gallery, story arc synopsis, creator bios, original fan art, exclusive content, and more!

NEWSARAMA.COM, recently named by ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY as one of their 25 Favorite Entertainment Websites (issue #883, June 23, 2006), is the most read publication about comics books in the world and is visited by over 1 million readers monthly.

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