Three days of Superman: Part 3

It’s finally here: Superman Returns hits theaters for the general public, which means you can finally witness either Superman’s triumphant return to theaters, or a parasitic train wreck riding on the coat tails of success that Batman Begins brought to the silver screen. I have high hopes for this flick and believe it will overcome the Kryptonite that is Hollywood fluff.

To celebrate this final day of superman, enjoy this ensemble of really old (and a couple of new) Superman commercials!

Sugar Frosted Flakes commerical

Yes kids, give yourself a swell boost of false energy, and a few cavities to boot… just like Superman!

[gv data=”″ width=”370″ height=”295″][/gv]

Kellog’s Flying Superman commercial

Plastic flying crap… only 10 cents!

[gv data=”alKo97Af8Us” width=”370″ height=”295″][/gv]

Kellog’s Sugar Smacks

What’s with Superman being a slave to the Kellog’s corporation? This one is particularly creepy… the clown at the end will give me nightmares for the next 10 years.

[gv data=”VpSfooiwuqE” width=”370″ height=”295″][/gv]

Superman Peanut Butter

Lex Luthor, your poor sap!

[gv data=”zlpKNeJMsgc” width=”370″ height=”295″][/gv]

Batman toys

Ok so this one doesn’t have anything to do with Superman, but I couldn’t resist… Batman’s voice sounds like it was done by an old, grizzled, drunken bum.

[gv data=”_nZ3J2zwRnY” width=”370″ height=”295″][/gv]

Superman AT&T calling card

Superman is so cheap he uses a pay phone and a calling card. He must also live in low rent government housing…

[gv data=”VOkfuCnFGHU” width=”370″ height=”295″][/gv]

The Adventures of Superman commercial

The sound on this one sucks, but I couldn’t resist posting it.

[gv data=”VFR8bZu_zfs” width=”370″ height=”295″][/gv]

Superman Duracell commercial

Batteries!? You should be ashamed of yourself, rich executives that are rolling in the dough from selling out!

[gv data=”mta2otPIpkw” width=”370″ height=”295″][/gv]

Superman Alienware commercial

I never actually saw Superman in this commercial… just a red streak of light. By my estimate, that could have been any number of super heroes, including Super Girl, the Flash or Blossom from the Power Puff Girls.

[gv data=”MAw7eVfxJ7E” width=”370″ height=”295″][/gv]

Superman Cap’n Crunch commercial

Quick! Up in the sky, it’s a bird, it’s a plane… it’s another vain attempt to fly in the wake of Superman Return’s success!!

[gv data=”GUPq6D5EIM0″ width=”370″ height=”295″][/gv]

Superman Inflato-suit commercial

What a piece of junk! What happens when your kid decides to pound on the family cat and get’s his new $20 suit hacked and slashed? Or worse yet, decides to pummel the school bully and gets his face hacked and slashed?? Incidentally, the still shot of this video looks as though the kid’s guts are exploding.

[gv data=”AXBCzhWFB_k” width=”370″ height=”295″][/gv]


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