It’s Finally Done!

Image Comics has announced that following a lengthy delay, B. Clay Moore and Steven Griffin’s HAWAIIAN DICK: THE LAST RESORT miniseries will finally conclude this July.

“HAWAIIAN DICK: THE LAST RESORT #4 is completely finished,” said Image Comics’ Executive Director, Eric Stephenson. “This series has been subject to numerous delays since it was first announced and we’ve received an unbelievable number of emails and phone calls about this book, so I’m truly pleased the last issue is finally done.

“And while it no way makes up for the lateness, this last issue is absolutely gorgeous. Steven has done a terrific job with this issue, bringing the whole series to a magnificent close. His approach to color work is nothing short of perfect — there’s a reason he’s already received two Eisner nods for his work on this miniseries.”

Series co-creator B. Clay Moore is elated to have the series wrapped up. “We’ve been making plans for future HAWAIIAN DICK projects for some time now, but obviously didn’t want to announce anything until THE LAST RESORT was finished,” said Moore. “This gives us a great chance to reset and work toward delivering more HAWAIIAN DICK on a regular basis, on a regular schedule.”

Created and written by B. Clay Moore (BATTLE HYMN, Oni’s LEADING MAN) with art by Steven Griffin, HAWAIIAN DICK: THE LAST RESORT is the second miniseries chronicling the adventures of Byrd – a down on his luck American PI in 1950s Hawaii. This time out, Byrd finds himself entangled in a gangland turf war for control of paradise. Hired to investigate the mysterious sabotage of a brand-new luxury resort, Byrd soon finds a smorgasbord of suspects, both human and inhuman. Torn between rival factions, Byrd can’t rely on help from his friend, Detective Mo Kalama, who himself is being stalked by the very men who hired Byrd.

Originally scheduled for a 2003 before being pushed back to 2004, the first three issues of HAWAIIAN DICK: THE LAST RESORT garnered rave reviews from readers and reviewers alike and is currently being developed as a major motion picture by New Line Cinema. Frank Coraci (The Wedding Singer) has signed on to direct.

HAWAIIAN DICK: THE LAST RESORT #4 (OCT051739) is available for order now and will go on sale July 12.

Hawaiian Dick: The last resort #4

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