First Look- Captain America 16!

The Marvel Universe’s version of Bonnie and Clyde are
tearing their way through the country and unfortunately for Captain
America, they happen to be two terrifying figures from his past.

The Red Skull is dead, but in Captain America #16, his
daughter Sin has reappeared along with the Skull’s longtime associate
Crossbones and they’re looking to kill and maim in the Skull’s name.

Also, Captain America and Sharon Carter stumble across a secret AIM base
with more shocking revelations for Cap, courtesy of writer Ed Brubaker
alongside guest penciler Mike Perkins

Drew Harmon of calls Brubaker’s Captain America,
“a definite must have. 5 out of 5.” says, “Brubaker fires on all cylinders
here, even managing to tug at the heartstrings of us old Cap fans. It’s
been ages since this title has been this good, and it has been even
longer since I have looked forward to a new issue of Captain America.
But with Brubaker at the helm, this book is THAT good and each new issue
can’t arrive quick enough.”

Pick up Captain America #16 for the continuation of the new story arc
that sets up just how deadly Sin and Crossbones can really be. After
the conclusion of the Winter Soldier story arc, Cap had better hope he
is on top of his game because Sin and Crossbones are not in the business
of showing mercy.

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