Runes of Ragnan art contest

BERKELEY, CA — 20 December, 2005 — In the upcoming origins issue #4 of RUNES OF RAGNAN, the Viking god Odin will play a major role. The creative team of RUNES OF RAGNAN has worked to create a new vision of this legendary figure, and we are inviting ALL artists to do the same in our “Essence of Odin” art contest.

Artists from across the globe are invited to take on this iconic figure. Reinvent him, stretch the boundaries of what has been done, and create your own version of the AllFather. Odin is the central deity within Norse writings, and is considered by many to be the most powerful of gods within their mythology. Now is your chance to reinvent him.

The winner of this contest will win publication in the epic Origins issue of RUNES OF RAGNAN #4, signed copies of the book, and 2 limited edition signed lithographs!

If you are not familiar with RUNES OF RAGNAN, the entire #1 issue has recently been made available for FREE online at the Image Comics site This is a world rich with Viking Lore and the dark tones of a people that placed the warrior on such a high pedestal. You can also see a preview of issue #2 there as well!

Speaking of issue #4, German artist Philipp S. Neundorf will be taking on a 5 page sequence. Featuring Odin, this sequence was specifically written for Philipp, feeding into his strengths as a slightly abstract painter. We wanted the Viking realm of Valhalla and the presentation of Odin to be completely removed from the reality of the other pages in RoR.

Fans, make sure your local retailer has the hard-to-find first issue of Runes in stock by taking advantage of special deals at http://

For full details, rules, and reference material, visit the official Runes of Ragnan website:

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