New Freak Comics layout leads to errors

I created a new layout to better highlight specific articles and features on this site, however there are a couple of small errors that have yet to be addressed.

For one, the archive links do not work, so you’re limited to the content displayed on the front page. This will be fixed within the next day or two.

Also, I’m not able to get RSS feeds set up for the News, Reviews and New Releases sections of the site. I’m working on this and should be able to get it rolling soon.

Those are the only issues I am aware of. If you know of anything else, please alert me.

3 responses to “New Freak Comics layout leads to errors”

  1. Three things:
    1) I LOVE the design of your site. If you were magnanimous enough to publish an about page with one of them extra detailed colophon thingies describing exactly how you did this layout, i’d steal it for sure.
    2) where’s your email address?
    3) what happened to those funky ajaxy tabs?

    p.s. no other issues from this end (camino 1.01 beta browser on tiger)

  2. glad to hear it, thanks for the compliments.

    1) Then I’d have to sue the pants off you! 😉
    I am going to be putting up a contact and an about page as soon as I get a bit of free time though.

    2) Buried in the footer “site design by Joe Louis”… the name is linked.

    3) I killed them for several reasons:

    Although they looked cool, they weren’t as functional and usable as I’d have liked. Using the layout I can deliver the same content that was in the pull out bar, but presented in a more user-friendly manner.

    The content wasn’t (and can’t be) indexed by search engines to my knowledge. This new layout will get picked up better.

    Plus it’s easier to update the content myself by assigning specific criteria to posts.

    And just for the heck of explaining:
    I keep the news and releases sections separate from the rest of the site so that they won’t bring the content down. I don’t believe in running a web log using press releases etc. for my basis of writing, however some press releases contain interesting information. Now I can deliver that information and maintain the same quality as before in my posts.

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