As you have no doubt noticed, things have been quieter than usual around here. Think of it as the calm before a storm. Freak Comics has been developing itself, and it was starting to become a monster. Not a cool monster like Dracula or the Mummy, but more along the lines of a mindless clone bent on it’s own destruction. I couldn’t let this happen, so I’ve taken a step back and given this monster a long look and realized that some adjustments were in order.


I have been slipping in to the ever present void that many blogs run for on the day of their creation: press release posting. While I will still be posting press releases as I am able, I am going to strive to make them more interesting than just the news. You can get that same information elsewhere, I will take it a step further when possible.

The biggest problem with posting press releases is not posting enough original content. The old is a good example of what I’m talking about. When Paul (Scrives) Scrivens was the owner, the content on Forever Geek was a mixture of press releases, articles found on other blogs, and most importantly: original content such as articles stating the author’s personal opinions. I used to write for Forever Geek. I still have that option, but as of late I haven’t exercised it since nearly every post has been a press release with a short comment afterward. Looks like the Mindless-Self-Destruct-Clone has overtaken Forever Geek (at least for the time being).

In order to counteract the mindlessness of the press releases, I will also be putting up more original articles.

A big boost is about to arrive in the form of more original comics as well. Chronicles of the Red Lion is no more, but not to worry as production is well under way for a different similar title, one that takes place years before the tale of Zidan. This tale follows the character called Anen, but more on that later. The Adventures of Stickman has returned for one more series, Potato Chip Man will be starting up soon, Lumber Jack is still coming soon, and Star Trip will be going to production shortly. There are also a few titles that are in the pre-production stages. We’re even thinking about putting together some actual books.


I am still happy with the design of this site, but there are a few things that need tweaking. I will be attending to this shortly. These changes will make original comic navigation a whole lot easier, among other things.

Well, that about wraps it up. I’m sitting on several article as I write this, including Wednesday’s release list and some (shudder) press releases. These will be posted later on today as I am running late for my (also shudder) actual job. Hopefully this news excites the small fan base I’ve managed to build and helps to shape this site in to a cool monster, like Dracufrankinmummy or perhaps Steve Jobs.

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