Chronicles of the Red Lion

I just had some information passed to me regarding the art that I posted yesterday.

The title of this comic is to be Chronicles of the Red Lion and the main character is named Zidan.

I have given to you a tale of myself, a document that trails my life through the eyes of those that followed.

My age was an age of wonders, an age of mystery and an age of death. For in my time, mankind knew not the meaning of the inner heart and its ability to feel affection. Man gave in to the perils of lust, hate and contempt of his neighbor’s wealth.

For there were those that fed upon flesh, and those that preyed upon the poor. Life is never a given in my time, but hangs upon the wind like a lone leaf clinging onto the branch of a dieing tree, until finally blustered away by the wind.

I can tell you of my time, for I live and fight in it. I am the savior, the deliverer and the one that calls for redemption.

Scarlet hair, and the mark of the lion upon my back, I charge into this world of evil and bring hope to those of my blood that has thought it be
long past.

From slavery I shall draw them, as if one would draw water with a bucket from a cavernous well. And not by diplomatic means will I deliver, but with the power of the star and sword in hand, I shall smite those that would dare bring humanity to the sniveling level of mindless beast. The tout of Zidan

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