Comic book convention and horrible spiderman fan film

The Los Angeles Comic Bok and Science Fiction Convention is set to kick off August 14, 2005. It’s a one day event complete with fan films.

SPIDER-MAN, THE HULK, DAREDEVIL, and many other favorite Superheroes are featured in this special presentation with over an hour of fan made films. Some of the short films being shown are DAVID SARRIO’S THE GAMMA PROJECT and DAREDEVIL films, and BRUCE CARDOZO’S SPIDER-MAN VERSUS KRAVEN THE

Spiderman: The Green Goblin's Last Stand

You might not be able to make it to L.A. for the convention, but you can head on over to to see one of the worst Spiderman fan films made (possibly the worst).

When Norman Osborn returns unexpectedly from the mental rehabilitation clinic, his sinister alter ego threatens to resurface as well.

This sends Peter Parker’s “spider-sense” into overdrive as he races to keep Osborn at ease before his anxiety propels him into Spider-man’s deadliest foe: The Green Goblin

The film is call The Green Goblin’s Last Stand (pictured above) and it runs for 50 minutes… 50 minutes of pure pain. The acting is a nightmare, the costumes are hilarious, and the camera work is almost entirely freehand on a consumer level 90’s video camera. I skipped to the end of the film to see the fight between Spidey and the Green Goblin. If you can’t finish the film, at least watch this. The actor / director Dan Poole (Spiderman) goes insane on Jimi Kinstle (Green Goblin) and starts screaming at him in a fast-paced, high-pitched girly voice. Good stuff!

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  1. ARE YOU KIDDING ME! How can you call this one of the worst when there havent been any! These guys did an amzing job of capturing the real comic book essence of spiderman. They did this movie on 500 dollars and it came out awesome! These guys aren’t hollywood, they didn’t go to Juliard so quit knocking their acting skills. This movie is entertaining and stands alone when it comes to spidey fan films, there are Batman ones coming out of the woodwork considering they’re so much easier to make. Dan Poole had a vision and this movie is loved by Spidey fans nationwide because he didn’t lose sight of his goal: bringing Spiderman’s true story to film. Somehting Hollywood has messed up with superhero films far too many times.

    Get some taste and perspective you ignoramous


  2. yeah, i agree!! dan pooles film was excellent in my book and it totally captured the right feeling from the even has inspired me to make my own film which has been in production for a year now. -roger king

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