Stickman comics

I have always loved comic books. In my younger days, I collected them, read them and bagged them up. I bought comic cards and watched the X-Men cartoons on television.

Even before collecting and reading comics, I started writing and drawing them. The first comic I ever made was when I was 7 years old. It was called Dragonfly Man. It was pure crap. However, that one comic started a chain reaction. I started drawing non-stop. I loved to create comics and let my friends and family read them, even though they were all pretty horrible.

In my early teens (after my collecting started) I began developing more inventive characters such as Sketchman. In fact Sketchman comics started taking on a life of their own. They continued one in to another. If you missed an issue you were somewhat lost as to what was going on. I remember my mother saying something to my dad about ‘He’s living in a dream world’ and then my dad giving me a talk about how I was getting kinda old for comics. I agreed and thus ended my drawings and comic book collecting.

Later I went to college for graphic design (I directly attribute part of my interest in this field to my insane obsession with comic books earlier on) and my love for reading comics started up once more.

I say I started reading comics again, but this was not done in the traditional way. I was on the internet quite a bit in college and so I started reading online comics… weird ones like Barkley and Elftor were my favorites. I also enjoyed 8-bit Theater for a while.

I was inspired by those comics, and the creativity around me, to start creating comics once again. Deciding to use the internet as my medium, I registered which I abandoned 2 years later (different comics are now being made there by different people… and they are garbage).

At I posted a new comic every single day. It was grueling, time consuming and the story was made up as I went.

Soon I added more comics and a music section. Then I crashed because it was too much work under the pressures of school. Stickman Comics (much to the dismay of several people as I recently learned) was no more.

Currently I am working on some new comics. Until that time I will be posting the old comics that were formerly found at

This time around the content will be better, the drawing will be much better, and the characters have more depth. You will be seeing comics such as Potato Chip Man, Star Trip and Dragonfly Man.

I will also be posting my oppinions, news and information about all things related to comic books.

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